Heawea MicroGen: Your Portable Health Companion

The world’s most affordable and advanced frequency device.

HeaWea is dedicated to creating the world’s most advanced, convenient and powerful portable healing therapy devices for your family and pets.

MicroGen offers 4 modes of therapy: Blood Purifier, Zapper, and Rife-style therapy in both Low and High-Power.

Why Choose HeaWea MicroGen

Powerful but Low-Cost

MicroGen is a powerful portable frequency device that consists of 4 modes: the BP mode for vitality enhancement, the Zapper mode for energetic field activation, and the low-power and high-power modes for Rife frequencies at different parts of the body. Yet it is inexpensive, and you will receive the highest performance out of the lowest cost.

Free and Comprehensive Software

The software for HeaWea MicroGen is completely free. There are more than 40,000 programs for all kinds of issues. Whether you need to relieve physical discomfort or mental stress or want to balance your aura and unblock a chakra, there is always a suitable program for you. Plus, you can make your own program and address your personal issues.

Portable and Convenient

MicroGen can be disconnected from a PC after loading the programs. Also, it is small enough to fit in your pocket, and you can carry and use it almost at any time or place. You can use it when working, meditating, or taking a nap. You also have the option to get a waist bag and wear MicroGen for more convenient use.

Loving Community

Our customer service is responsible and reliable. You can contact them via email, LiveChat, and phone calls, and they will get to you quickly and be ready to help solve your problems. In addition, our Facebook group is a helpful and loving community where you can learn much useful information about HeaWea.

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What Makes HeaWea MicroGen Special?


MicroGen need not be connected to the PC after loading the programs and is small enough to fit inside a pocket or hang on the supplied lanyard.


MicroGen has advanced protection to avoid excessive currents passing through your body and keep the current safe even when short-circuited.


No other portable generator can provide one-millionth of Hz resolution without a frequency jitter. The signal is rock-stable and precise.


Microgen gives you not one, but four advanced technology: Blood purifier, Zapper, Microcurrent Frequencies and Rife therapy.

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