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What Makes Heawea MicroGen Special?


MicroGen is a paltry 92mm (3.6 inches) long, 53.5mm (2.1 inches) wide and 25.5mm (1 inch) thick. A perfect size to fit inside a pocket or hang on the supplied lanyard.


MicroGen has advanced protection to avoid excessive currents passing through your body. Constant current monitoring keeps the current to safe levels, even if the output is short-circuited.


No other portable generator can provide 1 micro hertz (one millionth of a Hz) resolution without frequency jitter. The signal is rock-stable and precise.


Microgen gives you not one, but four advanced technology: Blood purifier, Zapper, Microcurrent Frequencies and Rife therapy.

Heawea MicroGen – Your Portable Health Companion

HeaWea is dedicated to creating the world’s most advanced, convenient and powerful portable healing therapy devices for your family and pets.

MicroGen offers 4 modes of therapy: Blood Purifier, Zapper, and Rife-style therapy in both Low and High-Power.

4 Different Modes of Therapy

High Power Mode

High power is often used in “Rife” treatments. The high-power cable unleashes the full potential of HeaWea MicroGen to address serious health issues. The HeaWea MicroGen programming software cleverly applies high-frequency harmonics to avoid any discomfort at low frequencies.

Low Power Mode

The scientific term for Low-Power mode is Microcurrent Frequencies. It is a method of introducing low-power healing frequencies into your body. It is recommended if you are treating conditions above the shoulder (neck and head), or if you are very sensitive to frequencies.

Blood Purifier

The Blood Purifier provides 27 volts DC signal across a chosen blood vessel. This DC signal reverses direction 7.8 times per second, creating a 3.9 Hz biphasic AC signal. The recommended treatment time is 2 hours per day, for 21 – 30 days.


The modern Zapper was invented by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark. MicroGen can replicate a zapper by providing the same signals as the original design, but with greater accuracy, speed and safety.

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