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Buy MicroGen, Get A FREE Halloween Case

What comes at the end of October? It is Halloween! The time of spooks and treats is drawing near. How are you preparing for it? Are the decorations, costumes, and candies ready? HeaWea also prepared a spooky gift for you. For every purchase of MicroGen during Oct. 22nd to Nov. 1st, we will give a Halloween-themed MicroGen case for FREE! Why not dress your MicroGen up for some festivity?

The celebration is for fun, of course, and you should also keep your health in mind and not let yourself indulge too much. You probably have hoarded a lot of delicious sweets and candy bars to treat all the lovely children who will knock on your door. However, you may not be able to resist the temptation and eat a lot of candies yourself. Taking in too much sugar may become a problem both in the short term and the long term.

If you have consumed a lot of sweets, you can let MicroGen help you by running some relevant programs to protect your teeth.

Hope you have fun and stay healthy during the Halloween season. And if you want a “hallowed” MicroGen, take this chance to buy one. As long as you purchase the MicroGen unit during Oct. 22nd to Nov. 1st, we will send you a Halloween case along with your MicroGen for FREE! The case is for Halloween only, and you may not buy it after this time. Take the chance now!

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