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Time: From 9:00 a.m. July 1st to 6:00 p.m. July 14th, 2024 (UTC+8)

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HeaWea MicroGen is an advanced portable frequency healing device. Its free software contains more than 60,000 completely free programs to address all kinds of issues. It is effective in enhancing vitality and holistic rejuvenation. 

Whether running on a treadmill, working in your office, or winding down at home, you will have HeaWea MicroGen as a faithful health companion that stays by your side, helping you focus on what matters most: enjoying your life.

$460.35    $495

😊 What our customers are saying about HeaWea MicroGen?

People are so willing and happy to share their results after using MicroGen on themselves, their families, friends, and pets. We have received numerous pictures from our customers and noticed that they had also shown great talent in better operating MicroGen. Let us share their joy, and maybe you can find inspiration from the lovely images shared by our creative users. Here are some of the photos and videos.  

Photos shared by our users 👇👇


” My mother occasionally is having skin rash red in color on her hands which could be due to her kidney & liver conditions. She used to put some oilment & it took sometimes for the skin rash to improve & disappeared. She has been using the BP program for about 2 months now, about 1 hour per session. When the skin rash appears, the skin conditions improved quickly in the next few days. The skin problem did resurface in the next few weeks but improved again. We believe the BP program does play a role in the improvement. “


” Just received the contact kit days ago and have been immediately able to use it on multiple folks. A friend has massive arthritis, plantar fasciitis, and a ruptured tendon in one of her feet while both feet kill her night and day, waking her up screaming in her sleep multiple times. I used the contact socks and the Heawea running multiple programs (see attached image) as well as the David Halliday 0094 Arthritis Balance and Correction. (I saved the grouping of programs under her name for ease of future use.). 2 hours later, she said she has no pain at all !! She left without her knee brace and asked me to send her the link to order this entire HeaWea device and accessories for herself. Don’t hesitate to try this!!! It gives people a sense of power over their suffering!! Waiting on medical care, tests, and treatment can feel hopeless or take a long while. Knowing she can put these on any time for any level of pain relief gives her hope!” 

Videos shared by our users 👇👇

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