HeaWea MicroGen for Electroacupuncture

As an electric frequency device, MicroGen has many functions, and one of these functions is electroacupuncture. You may have heard of acupuncture, but what is this electroacupuncture? How can you use MicroGen for it? Let’s dig in!

Acupuncture and Electroacupuncture

Acupuncture is the practice of inserting needles through the skin at specific points, called acupoints, to stimulate different therapeutic effects. It is a key component of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and originated in China thousands of years ago.

According to TCM, qi, the life force, flows in pathways called meridians. When the qi flows smoothly, people are healthy, but if they lack qi or their qi is stuck, they will become unwell. By inserting needles at strategic acupoints, the practitioner can balance the qi flow and improve body condition in general.

Electroacupuncture (EA) is like traditional acupuncture but with extra electric current, which can better stimulate the meridians and further enhance qi flow.

MicroGen and Electroacupuncture

HeaWea MicroGen uses electric currents of various frequencies to help people relieve minor discomfort. In theory, MicroGen and EA are very similar, if not the same. In EA, the practitioner inserts needles through the skin at certain acupoints, and the currents pass between the needles to incite qi in the meridians. When the TENS pads are placed on the acupoints, MicroGen can essentially achieve the same thing.

You may wonder, how can MicroGen and EA do the same when the former only stays on the skin while the latter goes deep into the body? That is because an electric current always chooses the path of least resistance. While you place the TENS pads on the skin, the current actually goes inside your body because the skin has higher resistance than inside the body. Therefore, the current will pass across your meridians as it does during EA.

Meridian Programs in MicroGen

Search “meridian” in MicroGen software, and you will find several programs dedicated to meridian stimulation. Each meridian has a connection with some internal organs and thus corresponds to specific signs or discomfort. You can soothe the discomfort and regulate qi flow in the meridians with MicroGen by placing TENS pads on the appropriate acupoints.

Interestingly, the acupoints could be quite far away from their associated organ. For example, the Shaoyin Heart Channel of Hand extends from the heart to the hand, and its acupoints lie along the arm. Consequently, you should stick the TENS pads on where the meridian goes through instead of where the organ is.

MicroGen Meridian Programs

TENS Pads Placement for Some Meridian Programs

● Meridians – Bladder (the Bladder Channel of Foot Taiyang): One on the bottom of the foot, the other on the spine in the middle between the rib cage and the pelvis

● Meridians – Heart (the Heart Channel of Hand Shaoyin): One on the palm below the little finger, the other on the inside of the arm below the armpit

● Meridians – Kidney (the Kidney Channel of Foot Shaoyin): One on the bottom of the foot close to the little toe, the other on the lower back one inch from the spine

● Meridians – Liver (the Liver Channel of Foot Jueyin): One on the instep near the big toe and the second toe, the other in the middle of the lowest right rib

● Meridians – Lungs (the Lung Channel of Hand Taiyin): One on the wrist, the other on the shoulder at the end of a collarbone

● Meridians – Stomach (the Stomach Channel of Foot Yangming): One on the outer side of the right foot below the ankle, the other in the middle of the right collarbone

One final note: low power mode is recommended for this type of stimulation, and the meridian is on the same side (left side or right side of the body) and works on both sides unless specified.

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