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How Can Frequencies Heal You?

“Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.”

— Albert Einstein.

We Are Made of Energy

Matter and energy are the same, and everything consists of tiny vibrating strings. That was proven by relativity and string theory. Everyone is essentially an energy being and emits energies that form an energetic field around us.

When we are healthy and sound, our energetic fields are perfectly balanced, but when we get sick, the fields will show signs of imbalance and disturbance. People often refer to this as high and low vibration, respectively.

When Your Vibration Is Low

When you are low in vibration or energy, there will be disturbances in your field, and you will notice discomforts in your body. Different disturbances correspond to varied problems. When you are seriously sick, there will be holes and cracks all over your field that urgently need to be refilled.

Only energy can repair an energetic field. That is the principle behind energy healing. Therefore, you can use frequencies, a form of vibrational energy to replenish your energy reservoir and make your field complete and harmonious again. When you are high on vibration, the condition will also miraculously disappear.

What Frequencies Can Do

Besides balancing energetic fields and improving illnesses, frequencies can help us activate chakras and strengthen immunity.

● Balance Chakra

Chakras are the energy centers of the human body that affect people’s emotions and minds. These chakras require prana, the vital life force, to function properly. When prana flow is blocked, chakras become unbalanced, which will lead to mental issues such as mood swings, lack of security, and depression. Fortunately, the correct frequencies can harmonize the prana flow in and out of the chakras by injecting resonating energy into them.

● Strengthen Immunity

Frequencies can also strengthen your body and boost your immunity. They provide extra energy to sustain your white blood cell and help you defend against invading pathogens. People often recover faster from various conditions by receiving frequencies and keeping a healthy energy field.

The Advantage of Frequency Healing

The best part of frequencies is their non-invasiveness and efficacy. As a form of natural healing, frequencies do not enter your bloodstream as medicines or chemicals do. They energize your cells directly without leaving any residue. They are fast, clean, and have no side effects.

MicroGen: a Multi-functional Frequency Healing Device

If you want a simple solution for your complex health problems and to live a better life without taking medicines, MicroGen can help you. MicroGen is an advanced frequency healing device that combines frequencies with TENS technology and uses electric currents to transmit frequency into the human body. It generates frequencies to restore your natural vibrations and improve health. The electric current directly transfers the energy to your cells and boosts their vitality. MicroGen has a vast database of more than 40,000 programs, covering most of the common and rare diseases, mental issues, and many more. If you are suffering from chronic pain, cardiovascular problems, or depression, use MicroGen to raise your vibrations now.

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