How Does HeaWea MicroGen work?

MicroGen is a frequency therapy device that consists of 4 modes: Blood Purifier, Zapper, and Rife-style therapy in Low Power and High Power.

Blood Purifier

The Blood Purifier applies 3.9 Hz biphasic AC frequency to help enhance your vitality. The duration is 2 hours, and you should use the high power cable.

The Blood Purifier was inspired by Robert C. Beck’s (aka Bob Beck) Blood Purifier machine.

The BP mode provides a 27 volts DC signal across a chosen area. This DC signal reverses direction 7.8 times per second, creating a 3.9 Hz biphasic AC signal. The recommended time is 2 hours per day, for 21 – 30 days.

HeaWea MicroGen can replicate the original BP machine by applying exactly 3.9 Hz for 2 hours. After this time, the signal will turn off. This cycle is repeated the next day, or when HeaWea MicroGen is restarted.

Use the high-power cable, and start at the lowest power setting (1 LED = 10 volts). Gradually increase the power to level 3 (3 LEDs = 30 volts). If you find the power too high, you can reduce the power level. Running this mode should not hurt.

Common locations for TENS pads are the wrist or behind the inside ankle bones of both feet. You can find the best locations by feeling for a pulse. If you can feel a pulse, then you can place the TENS pads around that area.

Always make sure the TENS pads are stuck properly on your skin. Loose TENS pads may cause skin irritation.

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Zapper mode applies 20 kHz to 40 kHz monophasic DC frequency to activate your energetic field. The duration is 3 x 7 minutes with a 21 minutes rest interval between sessions (7+21+7+21+7, 63 minutes in total). This mode requires a high-power cable.

The Zapper protocol was invented by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark. It uses electricity to activate your energetic field and refresh your spirit.

Zapper uses a lower voltage and high frequency compared to BP. HeaWea MicroGen replicates a zapper by providing the same signals as the original design but with greater accuracy, speed, and safety.

The mode runs with the lowest power setting for most cases. Ideally, the TENS pads should be placed on your wrists or across any area of need.

A note of caution: the signal from the Zapper is DC. Over some time, acids may build up under the TENS pads. Always make sure the TENS pads are stuck properly, and stop the device if you feel anything.

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Low Power Mode

The low power mode is a method of introducing frequencies with microcurrents. It is recommended for those very sensitive to frequencies (currents) and can be used above the shoulder (neck and head). The duration depends on the specific program.

The current of Microcurrent Frequencies is in the microamp range, which means one-millionth of an amp. Most people will not feel any sensation with a current that small.

HeaWea MicroGen has a clever current-limiting circuit, which automatically reduces the power if it increases. Additionally, automatic polarity reversing in DC mode avoids acid build-up under the contact pads.

Microcurrent Frequencies can help improve your general wellbeing in many ways. Remember to choose an appropriate program and use the low power cable.

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High Power Mode

High power mode uses Rife frequencies to unleash the full potential of HeaWea MicroGen for holistic rejuvenation.

The high power mode is more potent than the low power mode.

The HeaWea MicroGen programming software cleverly applies high-frequency harmonics to reduce possible cases of sensitivity at low frequencies.

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