How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra and Boost Your Creativity

Human energy centers are called chakras. In total, there are seven major chakras, which lie along the spine from the tailbone to the top of the head, and each has specific functions. The sacral chakra is the second one. It is related to your sexuality and creativity.

The Sacral Chakra and Its Functions

The sacral chakra, called svadhistana, is associated with the color orange and is located below the navel at the inner pelvis. It is associated with sexuality and creativity. The primary function of this energy center is pleasure and overall enjoyment of life.

The sacral chakra governs your sensitivity, sexuality, intimacy, creativity, and self-expression. When it is balanced and functioning properly, your relationship with yourself, others, and the world around you will be harmonious and pleasant. You will be able to speak your true mind and think creatively. The sacral chakra ensures the flow of thoughts, which is why it is also related to water.

The Problems of a Blocked Sacral Chakra

One of the first signs of a blocked sacral chakra is a negative attitude toward intimacy or having toxic relationships. You will often feel lonely and isolated from others, yet you cannot develop an intimate relationship and always choose to detach from others. You may even feel detached from yourself. This detachment may also become anxiety in time.

The negative attitude and toxic relationships may also be the result of a lack of self-expression. Because the flow of thoughts is obstructed, you cannot speak your mind plainly and clearly, which could lead to misunderstanding and even aversion.

How to Open and Balance the Sacral Chakra

-Yoga postures

Doing yoga is always an effective way of opening and balancing chakras. It can help you stay conscious of your body, breath, and mind and learn to manipulate energy flow through your chakras. To activate your sacral chakra, you can try hip-opening yoga postures, such as the camel pose and goddess pose. You can start with squats and hip bridges as well.

-Connect with Water

Since the sacral chakra is related to water, connecting to water can help you open and balance this chakra. Drinking a lot of water, taking a bath, and swimming can work, but connecting to water in nature works better. Swimming in the sea or natural lakes and drinking from rivers and springs have a stronger impact on your sacral chakra because natural water contains more prana, the life energy.


Meditation on the sacral chakra can help you tune into the energy center. Close your eyes, and take deep breaths. Imagine the energy from the air flowing into your sacral chakra and the energy gradually filling it up. Repeat this process until the sacral chakra is full, and you should have a warm feeling in your lower belly. It may take some days until you feel the prana flow freely into and out of the sacral chakra. Combining moonstone or orange essential oil during the meditation could speed up the process.

MicroGen for Sacral Chakra

MicroGen offers programs to help you open and balance the sacral chakra. Type “chakra” in the search box, and you will find “Chakra 2 Sacral” or “Chakra Sacral.” Run these programs in the low power mode. TENS pads should be placed on the two sides below your belly button. It would be more effective if you also meditate on the base chakra while running the program.

If you want to boost your creativity or improve the quality of your intimate relationship, balancing the sacral chakra is a must. An open sacral chakra will increase your libido and make your time with your loved ones more pleasurable. After all, more love cannot hurt, right?

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