How to Upgrade MicroGen Firmware

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Make sure MicroGen is turned off and plugged into your computer’s USB port.

Quickly press the power button on MicroGen 5 times. The middle LED will turn on, indicating MicroGen is in programming mode.

Select Update Firmware from the top menu.

  1. Select the correct com port.

  1. Open the port.

  1. Open the firmware *.bin file.

You can find the .bin file in Windows(C)> Programs Files (x86)> MicroGen> Firmware

  1. Run

The firmware is written in several steps, and takes about a minute.

2 thoughts on “How to Upgrade MicroGen Firmware

  1. Anusorn says:

    Mine is COM3 when start to it show fial and redo it show run-time error 8005 then what i have to do next ?
    it go on and go the same. can you get it work for me before 30 days from it get your product. if dose not work then i still have time to return it back. now time is alomost 30 days it hard to follow up your manual . as it is totally different that show on the one that i bought from your company.

    1. Mike says:

      Dear Anusorn,
      Sorry for the inconvenience caused.
      Please contact our support team via LiveChat or email us at support@heawea.com. They will better help you with your situation.
      Best wishes.

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