How to Use HeaWea MicroGen

Disclaimer: We make no medical claims for our devices. Our devices do not prevent, treat or cure any diseases or conditions. Please seek the advice of a trained medical professional before using our devices.

HeaWea is dedicated to creating the world’s most advanced, convenient and powerful portable frequency devices for your family and pets. In this blog, we will show you how to use this exciting new product for the best results.

When you order MicroGen, this is what you are going to get: a MicroGen portable case, the lovely MicroGen, a USB cable,  both low- and high-power cables, and TENS pads.

To get started, the first thing you need to do is program your MicroGen. Download and install the MicroGen software. Connect MicroGen to your computer using the USB cable, and turn MicroGen on by pressing the power button for two seconds until the lights are on.

On your computer, click the “Micro” icon to start the MicroGen Software.

Our powerful MicroGen Software is very simple to use, and contains the world’s largest database of frequency programs.

MicroGen has four different modes: BP, Zapper, low-power, and high-power modes. Only low-power mode uses the low-power cable. The other three modes all use the high-power cable.

If you wish to turn MicroGen into a BP, you just need to click the BP button.

Zapper mode also requires pressing just one button.

The low-power and high-power modes are used for specific frequency programs. You need to search for the programs to run first. If you click either of these buttons without choosing a program, a message will say “Please choose one or more programs to load into MicroGen”.

You can search for keywords and choose the programs you wish to run. You can select the programs one by one, or choose any of them at the same time. MicroGen can hold up to 1000 frequencies.

Double-click the program’s name in the loaded section to delete it. Or you can click the “bin” button to delete all the loaded programs.

Select how you wish to apply the programs. Choose the Low Power Cable button for programs above your shoulders or micro-current applications. Normal programs can use the High-Power cable.

After the programs are programmed into MicroGen, you can unplug MicroGen from your computer.

Once MicroGen is programmed, plug the High-Power or Low-Power TENS cable into MicroGen. Connect the other end of the TENS cable into your TENS pads, and place the TENS pads. Finally, press the power button to select which power level you want.

Now you are all good to go!

2 thoughts on “How to Use HeaWea MicroGen

  1. Rhonda says:

    Can the tens pad be placed on both wrists during any treatment?

    1. HeaWea says:

      Yes, but you cannot use tens pads when there is wound.

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