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Is My MicroGen Working When I Feel Nothing? Do a Test Report.

To help users know the status of MicroGen, the TENS cables have indicator lights that can blink or stay on when MicroGen is running. In addition, for some other users who still have questions about whether it really is working if they cannot feel anything, there is the “Test Report” function.

Test Report

The test report function can provide useful information about the status of your MicroGen. It will tell you whether your MicroGen can work correctly.

How to Do a Test Report?

1. Press the power button for 2 seconds until the LEDs turn on. MicroGen must be turned on before creating a test report.
2. Plug the USB cable in MicroGen and your PC appropriately.
3. Click “Utils” on the menu.
4. Click “Test Report” to generate a test report.

Then you should see a pop-up window like the following one:

If your MicroGen is working, you should see four green ticks, as shown in the picture above. If any of the parameters are off, please contact our customer service via  for help.


The report causes MicroGen to produce a low frequency at maximum power. This signal is very painful, and you will have no doubt that MicroGen is working. Therefore, this procedure is only for people who wish to experience the power of MicroGen and have a high pain threshold. We do not recommend doing this report with TENS pads correctly connected and stuck on your body.

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