Join the Video Contest and Earn Amazing Prizes

This year has also been full of achievements and development. We have received many inspiring stories in our Facebook group and emails. Some users made some exciting frequency discoveries and graciously shared them with us. This knowledge and advice have helped many other people regain their health.

At HeaWea, we love to hear from our customers, whose stories are always encouraging and touching and give courage, hope, and insight to others in need. In the thanksgiving month, we especially want to hear from you!

Participate in our contest and win a great prize!

Find the details on this event page.


Oct. 31st – Nov. 30th


No. 1: Portable PEMF device (MiraMate Mini Magic Single Coil)

No. 2-3: $100 cash coupon

No. 4-6: Christmas-themed case + $50 cash coupon

Don’t worry. We will be paying the shipping fee for these prizes.

Please make sure that you have included the following key points in your video:
1. A brief self-introduction.
2. Explain how you discovered HeaWea.
3. Mention how long you have been using HeaWea.
4. Describe the accessories you are using if applicable.
5. Describe how HeaWea helped you.
6. Explain why you want to recommend HeaWea to other people.

Your video should be at least 1 minute long, but there is no need to make it too long. A few minutes will be fine.

Send us your video story via support@heawea.com now to earn a great prize.

Also, don’t forget to ask your friends and family to vote for you on this page once your video is uploaded!

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