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More Details of the Upgraded TENS Cables

Disclaimer: We make no medical claims for our devices. Our devices do not prevent, treat or cure any diseases or conditions. Please seek the advice of a trained medical professional before using our devices.

The first batch of our upgraded cables has been delivered, and the second batch will arrive soon. We have made a demo video of the cables and uploaded it onto YouTube. You can watch the video at the end of this blog.

New Features

The upgraded cables are more discernible with the golden and silver plugs. The golden one is the low power cable, and the silver one is the high power cable. The markings are easily recognizable on the plugs.

The new wrap material also makes the cables more durable and flexible. After many rounds of bending, twisting, and stretching trails, the new cables showed no signs of damage. They are indeed very sturdy.

The most important new feature of the upgraded cable is the green indicator light, which blinks or stays on depending on the working status. It blinks during BP mode and low power mode at low frequencies (<50Hz) but stays on during zapper, high power mode, and low power mode at high frequencies (≥50Hz).

The light will light up when the cables are properly connected and the TENS pads are stuck on the skin. If the plugs are not fully inserted, the light may not shine because there is no current.

Reviews of the First Batch

Many have already received the first batch of upgraded cables and left reviews. We are thrilled when we learned about how great the cables worked. People are especially satisfied with the indicator light, and we are glad they like it.

That is all for the new cables. Thank you for your patience and support. We hope your cables will be on their way soon, and they will improve your experience with us.

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