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New Cables Are Arriving!

We must first apologize for taking so long, but the good news is that the first batch of new cables has arrived. We are packing and sending them out right this very moment. More batches will come later, and we will start delivery as soon as we receive them. Please be patient.

The Advantages of New Cables

Immediately after unpacking, you will notice the unusual appearance of our new plugs: a golden one and a silver one. To avoid confusion, we gave high-power and low-power cables different colors, silver and gold, respectively. Since these cables are easily distinguishable, you will be less likely to use the wrong one.

Then there comes the new design. Along with the golden or silver wrap, our engineers redesigned the joint part that is more flexible and durable compared to the old ones. It is readily bendable but difficult to tear. Moreover, the covering material of the wire was also changed to give the cables a sense of advanced technology and extra protection.

The best new feature of the cables must be the indicator light. With the old ones, you do not know whether MicroGen is working properly or not. The indicator light, however, can show you how your MicroGen is doing. When MicroGen is working, you will see a green light. Besides, the light can blink in BP mode and low-power mode on low frequencies (smaller than 50 Hz). The brightness of the light also depends on the power of MicroGen. The light is the brightest on power level 5 and may be barely visible on level 1.

To the Most Lovable Customers

Some days ago, we uploaded an apology video on YouTube and announced the subsequent delivery of new cables. The warm comments almost drove us to tears. We could not have come this far without your support. It is your support and understanding that motivates us to provide better products and services.

We will deliver the new cables with an accompanying apology letter to everyone who has bought a MicroGen. You will not be disappointed. We hope these new cables will make you feel better. We have learned a valuable lesson and will do better next time. Thank you for staying with us!

23 thoughts on “New Cables Are Arriving!

  1. sau man Wan says:

    Hi! I bought 2 microgen before so will you send me 2 set of new cable for each microgen?

    1. HeaWea says:

      Hi, yes, we will send two sets of new cables for your 2 MicroGen including two high power cables and two low power cables.

  2. H.A. Stormer says:

    Hello Both of You,

    With this video you show that you really want to solve problems.
    This characterises the philosophy of the company that after-sales is important.
    From my side, I thank you for solving the problem. The device I recommend to my patients will be reassured by your solution.
    My advice would be to buy a second set of cables. If a cable is broken or does not work properly, they will not have to wait for weeks for a new one.
    This delays the healing process.

    Kind regards,

    Practitioner Hans Stormer

    1. HeaWea says:

      Dear, thank you for your patience and trust. It is a good choice to buy a second set of cables as a useful replacement. Thank you so much for the advice you provide to users.

  3. Nicholas H Dewey says:

    Big thank you to John and the team for all you do for us.

    1. HeaWea says:

      Thanks a lot. We are grateful for your understanding. Wish you good health and happiness.

  4. Duncan Brown says:

    I’m an early adopter of the Heawea Microgen, and did have problems with the cables.
    I have never seen such a sincere and heartfelt statement from any company.
    Your ethics are at the foundation of everything you do.
    Many, many thanks.

    1. HeaWea says:

      I appreciate your encouraging words for us. Your support keeps us working hard and brings a better user experience.

  5. Bruce Jessop says:

    Well I’m happy you are happy with the new cables. Problems do occur and knowing the sincere care that Spooky 2 creators and support staff always give, there is really no need for apology. Thank you for placing caring above all.

    1. HeaWea says:

      So many thanks for your understanding and patience. We really appreciate your continuous support!

  6. Debi Baldwin says:

    Can;t wait for my new cables to arrive! Thank you so much for caring and making this product even better!

    1. HeaWea says:

      Thank you so much for your trust and support. We will send out the new cable as soon as we can.

  7. Rosario says:

    I love HeaWea and you all. Thank you very much.

    1. HeaWea says:

      Thank you so much for your continuous support and we will do better.

  8. Heather Holmes says:

    You guys are the best, you answer questions so quickly, so I thank you for that.😊

    1. HeaWea says:

      Your support is much appreciated. Thanks a lot.

  9. Michelle Riley says:

    I have never been disappointed. We love our MicroGens! You guys are amazing. Thank you for making them better!!

    1. HeaWea says:

      Thanks. We are grateful for your trust, and we will try our best to make sure HeaWea products are of high quality.

  10. Helene Mertens says:

    Shit happens… Thank you for providing replacement cables, even if they broke down again, it was possible to continue to use the microgen. I’m really grateful for that.
    I am looking foreward to the newly designed cables. They will make life easier 🙂
    Congratulations for all the great work you did and do on the whole Spooky concept. It is certainly a unique project !

    1. HeaWea says:

      I’ll forever be grateful for the encouragement you gave us when we needed it. We’re happy that heawea brings more convenience to you. Thank you so much.

  11. Donna W says:

    So excited for new cables. Thank you John White and Spooky2 team for the wonderful technology of the MicroGen, and for addressing the cable issues. ❤️

  12. Caroline McDonald says:

    Hi. I was wondering if I qualify for the new cables please?

    1. HeaWea says:

      Absolutely. For every customer that has purchased a MicroGen with the old cables, we will be sending all replacement cables of this new type.

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