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Qi and Blood: The Spleen and Stomach Meridian

Some people often feel tired and grumpy even after eating healthily and having enough sleep. Why does this happen?

A healthy lifestyle does not always equal a healthy body. The problem lies in the meridians. Some people were born with weak meridians, which restrains the body’s healthy functioning despite having a fit lifestyle.

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are the energy channels of the human body through which the qi, the life-force energy, flows. Every meridian is related to an organ and provides the necessary qi for the organ to function normally. Therefore, when a meridian is stuck, its corresponding organ will work less efficiently or cause related illnesses.

The Role of Spleen and Stomach Meridian

The spleen-and-stomach meridian is where the body transforms the nutrition in food into qi and blood. It is called the origin of qi blood production. In other words, this meridian provides energy to every organ in your body. Therefore, when your spleen and stomach meridian is blocked, you may experience fatigue, bad moods, and all kinds of health problems.

When qi and blood cannot flow smoothly through your spleen and stomach meridian, you will have a weak digestive system. Most likely, you will have indigestion or malnutrition because you either cannot break down the food thoroughly or cannot absorb the nutrients. In severe cases, you may even experience symptoms such as poor appetite to vomiting, diarrhea, or abdominal pain.

Spleen and Stomach Meridian’s Impact on Other Meridians

The spleen-and-stomach meridian is essential for the balance of qi in the entire body. When this meridian does not produce enough qi and blood for other meridians, the circulation will be slower, causing “qi deficiency” in other organs. Your body will also work less effectively.

How to Unblock the Spleen and Stomach Meridian

Acupoints stimulation is a practical way to open your spleen and stomach meridian and boost qi and blood flow. A TCM practitioner will recommend massage or acupuncture, depending on your situation.

Acupuncture uses very thin needles to penetrate the skin to stimulate the acupoints. However, it is non-invasive, and you will not feel pain during the process. But you need to find a legitimate acupuncturist to avoid potential harm.

Massage is a more user-friendly approach. You do not have to know the exact acupoints to stimulate the meridians with a massage. You can even massage by yourself.

The easy way is an abdominal massage. First, make your hand warm by rubbing them or soaking them in warm water. Then, rub the area 1 to 3 inches around your navel for 10 minutes in the clockwise direction. Each cycle should be at least 10 seconds long.

MicroGen for Spleen and Stomach Meridian

MicroGen is an advanced portable frequency healing device with more than 50,000 programs for all kinds of illnesses. It also has programs for meridian stimulation. It can stimulate your acupoints without the trouble of finding an acupuncturist or not knowing how to massage yourself. The precise electric frequencies will unblock the meridian and help your qi and blood flow smoothly. You can listen to our audio frequency to feel its benefits.

MicroGen program for spleen and stomach meridian stimulation.

To unblock your spleen and stomach meridian, search “meridian” and select the programs needed. The TENS pads should be placed across your abdomen, on both sides of your navel.

TENS pads placement for MicroGen spleen and stomach meridian programs.

The spleen-and-stomach meridian is the essential energy source of the body and guarantees the proper function in the body organs. It is critical to keep this meridian open and your qi flow strong. Let MicroGen help you with that.

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