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The pain was instantaneously down from a 10 to a 2.

I have a bad tooth and an appointment tomorrow to pull it. The pain was getting out of hand. I tried the MiraMate Mini Magic. No help. Loaded up toothache on the MicroGen and placed the low power tens where the pain is predominate and almost instantaneously the pain was down from a 10 to a 2. When first you don’t succeed….try something else. It’s not that the Mini Magic doesn’t work, it’s that the MicroGen matched my needs. ❤️💕❤️



Thank Heawea for developing a wonderful, healing device!

I want to thank Heawea for developing a wonderful, healing device that is portable!! I was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer with a poor prognosis in 2017 so I immediately began researching nontraditional therapies because…well, what did I have to lose?!? I kept hearing over and over again about the healing powers of frequency therapy and knowing that Kidney Stones are sometimes healed using frequencies (Lithotripsy) I thought this might be something I need to explore. I did lots of research only to find that these types of machines are expensive and large. I travel for work and also for cancer treatment so imagine my excitement when I found Heawea and their adorable and portable frequency generating device!! I’ve had it a few months now and couldn’t be happier. It’s easy to set up, discreet enough to wear no matter where you are, and the customer service has been super! I love all the informative videos on YouTube!! The side effects from my conventional treatment are greatly improved and I find that I have more energy throughout the day. I am one happy customer and I know you will be too so just go ahead and buy it!!

Customer Service, Handy, Informative Videos on YouTube, Portable, YouTube Updates

I find the use of the FSM protocols fascinating

Good morning HeaWea colleagues! I find the use of the FSM protocols fascinating. My spouse suffers from diabetic neuropathy. After this week’s SAMA with Carolyn McMakin, I read her book “The Resonance Effect” (McMakin, 2017). Last night we began using the FSM frequencies on the feet. I was unsure of the placement of the pads and asked HeaWea support if the pads should be placed on the soles of the feet at the heel and base of the toes or, on the top of the foot and on the sole. Penny Yu graciously checked and said the pads should be placed on the top of the foot and the sole of the foot. We applied the FSM frequencies for one hour on each foot. Afterward, the ankles could be moved freely. It is our plan to do this protocol every day for one week and assess the results. I will update this post then. Is anyone else exploring the use of the Microgen in applying FSM frequencies? Reference: McMakin, C. (2017). The resonance effect: How frequency specific Microcurrent is changing medicine. North Atlantic Books.


Diabetic Neuropathy, MicroGen, Service

It’s going to be so handy!

This beaut Microgen does a good job on a remote plate too 💕 It’s going to be soooo handy!



I was so excited to receive them, and on my birthday too!

Thank you so much for my new replacement cables! I was so excited to receive them, and on my birthday too! Hugely grateful to be able to keep going with my treatments! Thank you so much, John, Echo Lee, and the rest of the Spooky/HeaWea team! These cables appear to be of excellent quality. 🙏🏻 💝 👻 🎉

… I’d like to add that they’re working brilliantly! I love the working light feature, that each cable is labeled high/low power, and that there’s an added slide to adjust the lengths of the leads. All thoughtful upgrades.

Accessory, Cables, HeaWea, MicroGen

All itching is gone!! Amazing!!

Husband Tim came in 15 minutes ago scratching and itching from bug bites he got out in the country at friends yesterday. I put him on the MicroGen and all itching is gone!! Amazing!!

Video Source:

Bug Bites, HeaWea, Itching

The new cables arrived…

The new cables arrived for one of our MicroGens. Thanks to all the folks at HeaWea for producing a better cable!

Video Source:

Accessory, Cables, HeaWea, MicroGen

The new cables are here!

The new cables are here! They feel and look so much different AND they have INDICATOR LIGHTS so there is no doubt that current is running through them! This is what we’ve been waiting for…THANK YOU, HeaWea, for the redesign. I hope they will be as good as they look!


Accessory, Cables, HeaWea

The new cables are absolutely outstanding!

The new cables are absolutely outstanding. You will immediately notice a difference when running them. I truly look forward to finally taking full advantage of this device’s capabilities. I have found customer support for the HeaWea top rate. Now let’s get this shoulder healed 💪


Accessory, MicroGen, Service, Shoulder Problems

What surprised us…

We started by applying the blood cleanser to our parents daily for 2 hours each. They are both almost 80 years old. From the first moment they began to feel much more energy and better mood. After a couple of weeks we decided to try another modality of the device to treat a hiatal hernia that has bothered our father for years. In low power mode, we applied some programs aimed at it, as well as others related to DNA healing and inflammation, placing the electrodes on the area of his esophagus. The discomfort of the hernia has been reduced considerably, but what surprised us was that his glucose levels have returned to normal levels (he suffers from diabetes and hypertension). It seems that Heawea is also helping him to do this as well. The experience with the device so far has been wonderful.

Blood Purifier, Diabetes, DNA Healing, HeaWea, Hiatal Hernia, Hypertension, Inflammation

I love the Microgen

I am looking forward to trying the new cables. Thank you for your nice message. I love the Microgen. It took me a little while to get used to using it but now I am noticing all of the positive effects. It is changing my life for the better. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. : ) It is a learning process for all of us, so fun to be on the journey. Source:

HeaWea, MicroGen, Service

This is my HeaWea kit

This is my HeaWea kit. The bag is from Spooky2 The little Windows laptop is a Chinese brand, Nextfun with 4 ram memory and 100 gb disc space. It has an Intel Atom processor. It’s enough to run Spooky2 and load HeaWea programs. What’s great is that it has the regular USB port and is only 10 inches. It can be used as a tab too. The accessories are from Spooky2 and the ear clips I got from Shoppe. Video Source:

HeaWea, Windows Laptop

Success Story

Success story: a few weeks ago I noticed discomfort sitting which increases over two days. I finally palpated the tissues at the base of my “butt cheek” and found a lump size of a half dollar. I knew it could be a swollen lymph node, or possibly a sebaceous cyst or something, But since I had had a staph infection from a razor cut high on my leg earlier this year, I put together a program for staph combined with some programs for fluid filled cysts. I put one pad in the front near my groin high on the affected leg and another one behind right where the cyst was. I ran the program for about 4 hours, and when I finished that half dollar sized lump had reduced to about the size of a dime! I ran it again the next day for a few hours and it went down to the size of a pea, and there was no more discomfort or tenderness.. within about 2 days I couldn’t find it at all. This device really works if you can target exactly what you’re aiming at with the proper programs..THAT is the challenge! Evidently I aimed right that time!


Ataph Infections, Cyst, Swollen Lymph Node

Struggle with Nystagmus

I have been diagnosed with Nystagmus. I have been to neurologists and the underlying cause cannot be determined. I have run Nystagmus programs on both my GenX and my Heawea without much success. Yesterday I tried using a cranial nerve diseases (the VI cranial nerve is the one that they thought may be affected in my case) program on my Heawea running on low power placing the tens pads on my temples. Within a couple of hours running continuously I have found a marked improvement. I combine this with eye exercises consisting of focusing on a pen and while keeping my head still moving it from left to right them up and down. This was a condition that forced to me to leave my job and also not being able to drive when it was really bad. Doctors told me it was probably something I would jus have to live with. Thanks to Heawea I am seeing positive results which I hope will continue. I anyone is going through the same thing then I hope this information is benifitial.


HeaWea, Nystagmus, TENS Pad

“ I am 80% better ” from an office staff at my clinic

She had taken the Chinese vac cine for C ov id and developed very bad bodyache and tiredness. She is also obese with borderline glucose levels in blood. This particular v acc ine has aluminium. The symptoms remained more than a week and had not reduced at all inspite of taking supplements and homeopathy. I looked up in HeaWea for post v acc ine programs and found some general ones and added aluminium detox plus added one on pain relief. She used this on high power for 3 hours per day for three days. I asked her for feedback. She happily said “ I am 80% better.”


Aluminium Detox, Fatigue, Obesity, Pain


Was sick with cough and cold and in pain from menstrual cramps. Turned on the zapper and within 5 minutes my pain was gone. After the zapper program my voice sounded Normal and cough was gone. I couldn’t believe how fast it worked and how much better I felt. So happy with this so far!!!!

Cold, Cough, Menstrual Cramps, Pain, Zapper

Back hurt so bad…

2 weeks ago I did some work on my 18 year old truck. The next day my back hurt so bad I could hardly get out of bed. My wife took care of the goats and I set up my microgen. I put the tens pads on both sides of my spine low on my back. Ran programs at level 4 for 4 or 5 hours. Wow Much better! Thought maybe I would have to do it the next day. Nope all better.


Back Pain, MicroGen

Modern Miracle

I purchased the heawea as a last resort. I’ve been struggling with severe menopause symptoms for years, tried every medication and therapy natural or otherwise with no relief Within 3 days, the burning flashes had reduced from every 15 minutes day snd night, to every 2 hours. 2 weeks later, I get three a day, snd three at night, with severity reduced by 80%. No more palpitations or dizzy spells. I’m sleeping again, and life is so different for me! I don’t even care if it’s the placebo effect (although I don’t think it is). The cost of this device is more than offset by one more fruitless visit to a specialist and another trial of medication with unpleasant side effects Three cheers for the mini doctor Theresa

Menopause, Sleep Well

I was super excited when I saw this…

I was super excited when I saw this product! I am a huge fan of all things Spooky, so I knew I must get my hands on a portable MicroGen. I love that it offers blood purification, Zapper, and Rife possibilities! I have used all three possibilities and have been pleased with the results. I feel like this is the game-changer that I needed for my body. I highly suggest this product! I also wanted to add that their customer service always goes above and beyond! One of my wires came apart after the first use, and they promptly sent replacements.

MicroGen, Service, Software

Gall Stone Pain

I was having some severe pain in my upper stomach after a meal one day. I was thinking it might be indigestion or acid reflux and I tried a couple of frequencies for stomach and acid and nothing changed. Then it occurred to me that it could be gall stones, since it was in the right area and I had had the symptoms before, so I put the gall stone frequencies into the Microgen and within 10 minutes all pain was gone , and it didn’t come back.

Gallstones, MicroGen

Everyone needs a Heawea!

If you believe in frequency healing, this is the most compact device you can get! Was so excited to receive Heawea which came in a small portable pouch. Will have to say it took me a bit of time to get things started and I procrastinated for a while and just left it sitting for a couple of weeks. However, thanks to the wonderful community and helpful Spooky support, I managed to finally get onboarded on my 2nd try and now I use it on a daily basis. Sure, I can identify a few perhaps necessary upgrades and I would expect an advanced version perhaps in the future but I can’t afford to wait so I would suggest to anyone hesitating, please don’t. Start now, its an affordable price and totally worth it!

Diseases, MicroGen, Service

Kally did a remote and found many…

Kally did a remote and found many issues. It was great service and really professional. Everything was fixed and I got a few pointers. Very happy to know that HeaWea staff are available and extremely knowledgeable to say the least.

MicroGen, Service

Good support

Good support Had some special problems with the software of Heawea, and after long and funny chats with customer support the problem was solved.

MicroGen, Software

I bought the Microgen unit

I bought the Microgen unit, and I sent in a support ticket as I was having trouble updated the firmware…. at first it was a little hard doing email as the time difference is a lot… Kally suggested FB through messenger so this is what we did,.Then when i realized what time it was there i said go to sleep and we set up a to chat or team view if need the next morning my time which would have been her evening time after she had dinner…. this is going way out of her way beyond .. she was very sweet and knowledgable, and really wanted to help. I had sent her pictures as she asked, and she sent me info on what to do and this again was before she got to work the next morning…it worked and all is the good…company is great and with people like Kally it is even greater. that kind of dedication is hard to come by in today’s world…thank you again.

MicroGen, Service

Avis Microgen génial !!

Avis Microgen génial !! J’ai commencé les soins avec le microgen depuis peu, j’ai fait 3 séances, avec des problématiques différentes pour tester. A chaque fois, je n’ai pas senti grand chose sur le coup, mais le lendemain et pendant 3/4 jours même si je n’avais plus l’appareil de branché, j’ai bien senti que cela travaillait dans mon corps….. J’ai hâte de continuer et de me débarrasser de mes soucis de santé ou émotionnels !!! Merci !! La seule remarque, le manque d’un petit écran sur le microgen pour être sûr que les programmes sont pris en compte…..

Emotional Health, General Health

HeaWea MicroGen relieved my eye pain within 4 hours

I am very happy with my HeaWea , almost 3 year of battling eye infections taking supplements and steroid eye drops that played with my vision, doesn’t compare to the treatment from my HeaWea . 2 days ago I yet again had a pink eye breakout it was so painful . I made up my own protocol using the software and like magic the pain disappeared within 4 hours . Love love that I can treat myself . Thank you HeaWea



I am so excited about the possibilities

Hello New Friends,
I am just beginning to learn to use the MicroGen. This new generator is an amazing piece of engineering. The HeaWea Facebook group has been a big help. Some of the more experienced users of Rife technologies have jumped in and are willing to share their experiences using some of the many programs. Currently, I have been using the Zapper and Blood Purification programs. The latest updates have made them more user-friendly. I recently suffered a shoulder injury and have been running pain and accelerated healing programs and it is feeling much better. I am so excited for the possibilities ahead using this completely portable, stand-alone, contact generator. Thank you!


MicroGen relieves pain in only one month

we are thrilled with the product! So happy to be able to get treatments while on road trips in our RV. The entire reason we have Spooky products, is because my husband was suffering from Chronic Lyme Disease (was barely able to function due to debilitating pain). I stumbled upon information about Rife Machine’s ability to cure Lyme. I researched and bought Spooky2. We had been using the two Generator Xs remotely since December 2020 with some improvement. But, he used the Microgen every day in whole body contact mode for less than a month and he is absolutely pain-free for the first time in two years!! Thank you John White and the team!!!!


Love my MicroGen

I wasn’t doing contact sessions because I didn’t want to be stuck to the machine. I get bored easily and it just wasn’t convenient for me. So when the MicroGen was announced I was excited! I knew that I was probably missing out on valuable treatments by not doing contact, so a portable contact device sounded perfect to me. I ordered one immediately and I love it. I use the Blood Purifier program and the zapper daily and I notice a significant increase in my energy levels. I notice within a few days of not using the BP program that I feel less energized, so I’m doing one day on the next day off and that seems to work well. This is after doing the one month daily as recommended. Thank you so much for this technology and the ability to treat on the go. Win/Win…



A SUCCESS STORY: One morning last week I woke with a very painful right hand. My thumb was particularly painful and the pain spread across my knuckles to the palm on the other side. I have no idea what caused it, but it was so painful that I couldnt use my hand at all. I attached one pad to my thumb and the other on my palm and ran a group of healing programs that my partner Sharyn Peacocke put together. In less than two hours my hand felt completely normal. It was like a miracle had taken place. I love my little MicroGen, I have experienced a few of the teething problems that other people have but that’s ok. I have always found Spooky support people to be hugely helpful and I’m grateful to John and his team for developing this brilliant little gem.



MicroGen Works Really Well

It works well … no one wants to bother now with regular generators because this little thing is so handy and powerful… (doing my sciatica now – works within minutes)… I am also doing my gallstones remotely for months – it works but it is weak… I gave it a boost with the Microgen overnight… works really well…!
Bottom line: no one wants to sit connected to cables when we now have the MicroGen.


Diseases, Intestinal Problems

Just Within Two Days, Zapper Mode Helped My Friend Alleviate Intestinal Problems

Hi Friends,

I am helping a friend with some health issues, (pointing directly or indirectly to his intestines) and I lent him my MicroGen for two days.

I was going to prepare my zapper program (33KHz), but I realized I had to set the software (MicroGen’s) to read my custom database. Instead of that, I decided to use the 40KHz General program there is in its database. I programed my MicroGen, and lent it to him. I explained him how to turn it on, and how to recharge it every day, if needed.

I suggested to put one tens pad over his left groin, and the other one over his liver.

I loaded the program with the “Low power cable” button, but gave him the high power cable to use. Please be aware that using this configuration the generator doesn’t raises harmonically the freqs, and if you use low freqs, you’re going to keep bouncing to the ceiling, so use it very carefully.

He used Epsom salts to help pass whatever could get out.

After two days (and 2 twelve hour sessions), my friend told me he passed what appears to be a biofilm lining of the intestine. It is like a snake skin, with a length of 5 or 6 cm. He was shocked to see what came out, and he wants to keep going, just in case there is more stuff like that inside him.

I was shocked also, because even having had some impressive results over the years, this one was fast. I think it is because of the duration of the contact treatment, without interruptions, for 12 Hrs.

Late Dr Clark realised her zapper protocol was best if done without interruptions. Better if used the freq continuously. Now I think the same. Longer sessions can be much more effective.

With MicroGen this is going to be easy to test.

What amazing device. Thank you John and Echo.


Intestinal Problems

Blood Purifier Mode Makes Me Energetic After Fatigue

I have done the blood purifier twice now. Every time I have so much more energy, feel so clear and awake. Made the mistake the first time to run it at night and was up until 5:30am LOL. I learned from that

I wonder how this compares to the all detox program or the detox maintenance?

I absolutely love this device and the interface is so simple.



Microgen Provides Quick Pain Relief

We’ve been using Microgen for 2 weeks. So far it is very noticeable for pain. Both my husband and I have used it for back and hip pain. It works so fast we forgot about the pain altogether. The MicroGen is very easy to use. My chiropractor has a Healy. He said there is no way MicroGen could be any good because of the price. That makes me laugh so hard!


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