Dear HeaWea Users,

HeaWea is almost one year old! Time seemed to fly so quickly, and a lot has happened this past year. What has happened to you last year? How did MicroGen help you? We are sure you have much to say to the whole community.

Last year, we received numerous reviews and learned many inspiring tips from our users. Your wisdom has enormously helped our community and pushed HeaWea to provide better products and services. It’s your knowledge and advice that helped many other HeaWea users around the world.

For this coming anniversary, we invite all of you to share your stories here. We’d love to hear from you again!


Feb. 15th to Mar. 15th


1st prize: HeaWea MicroGen (1 winner)

2nd prize: a Contact Kit + a pair of Hand Cylinders (2 winners)

3rd prize: a Low-power Cable + a High-power Cable (3 winners)

Participation prize: a Waist Bag (other participants)

You can also exchange the prize for credits to redeem the products you want or save for future purchases.

How to Participate

We only accept videos.

Share your video story with HeaWea by sending it to us via, and we will upload it on the voting page. Alternatively, you can post your video on YouTube or upload it to your google drive and send the link to us via email, live chat, or at the bottom of this blog.

Please make sure that you have included the following requirements clearly in your video:

● Introduce yourself briefly.

● How did you know about HeaWea?

● How long have you been using HeaWea MicroGen?

● How did MicroGen help you?

● Why would you recommend MicroGen to other people?

Your video should be at least 1 minute long, but there is no need to make it too long. A few minutes will be fine.

Send us your video story to now to earn great prizes. Also, don’t forget to ask your friends and family to vote for you on this page once your video is uploaded! After posting the video, you can also share the link in the form below.