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The Downside of Emotions and How Can MicroGen Help You

Emotions do not only stay in your mind. Some emotions can affect your physical health as well. While negative emotions are natural human reactions to certain events, extended periods of negative emotions may even harm your health or cause long-term health risks. Also, some people tend to go to extremes when their emotions have cornered them. So, what exactly can “bad” emotions do to you, and how can you cope with them? Can MicroGen and its healing frequencies help you?

What Problems Can Emotions Cause?

What happens when you feel your emotions have gone out of control? Think of a time when you are angry. You could have felt your heart beating quickly, temple pulsating, and muscles tensing. These are the signs of rising blood pressure, which is indeed temporary, but the harm they cause may last. For example, each angry outburst increases your risk of heart attack or stroke, especially within the first two hours.

According to various studies, extreme emotions and long-term emotional stress may lead to:

Emotions can cause acute and chronic conditions such as headaches and insomnia.● Back pain.
● Headaches or insomnia.
● Palpitations.
● Shortness of breath.
● Dry mouth.
● Upset stomach.
● Fatigue.
● High blood pressure or cardiovascular diseases.
● Weight gain or loss.         

How Can Emotions Affect Your Health?

Emotions are related to hormone responses. Positive emotions will trigger healthy hormone responses and make you feel better. When people feel loved, the brain will release oxytocin, a happy and content hormone that can relieve pain. On the other hand, if you are constantly under negative emotions, they could stress your endocrine system and disrupt your hormone balance. For example, when you are angry or worried, the adrenaline will make your heart beat faster and could lead to a heart attack.

Moreover, the symptoms caused by negative emotions, such as insomnia and irritation, can further worsen your moods and result in a downward spiral that leads to chronic stress and conditions.

How Can You Cope with Negative Emotions?

Luckily, since we now know how emotions impact our health, we can make conscious changes to improve our general well-being. There are things we can do to minimize the influence of negative emotions. For example, you can try:

A healthy diet, regular exercises, enough sleep, and socializing can help you cope with emotions.

● getting enough sleep and practicing good sleep pattern,
● eating well-balanced and nutritious meals,
● exercising regularly to maintain a healthy body,
● drinking enough water to help your body remove metabolic waste and hormones,
● Staying connected with friends or family,
● changing the environment based on your preference.

Once you have established a healthy lifestyle and habits, your body will know how to deal with negative emotions.

How Can MicroGen’s Healing Frequencies Help with Your Emotions?

The comprehensive database of MicroGen contains many programs to improve your emotions. To calm mild emotional disturbances, you can search “Bach remedy” or “essential oil” to find related frequencies. If you have specific conditions, such as depression and anxiety, you can search “depression” or “anxiety” to find corresponding programs.

Healing frequencies that MicroGen offers: bach remedy, essential oil, anxiety, depression.

Emotional health and physical health are two sides of the same coin. Only when both are stable can you be truly healthy. MicroGen is your portable health companion that uses healing frequencies to guard your emotional and physical health. Whether it is a mild emotional problem or a severe mental condition, you can always find a healing frequency in the MicroGen database to help you. Check out the product page for more details.

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