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The Small Intestine Meridian: Your Shoulder and Neck Pain Reliever

Shoulder or neck pain is nothing new to people who sit and work at the desk for an unhealthily long time every day. Also, as people age, their shoulder and neck muscles and soft tissues degenerate, and this process sometimes causes pain. People usually use massage or pain relievers to mitigate the pain. However, if the condition is chronic, the pain often returns after several days.

So, is there a way to stop the pain forever?

In traditional Chinese medicine, qi stagnation in the small intestine meridian causes pain in the shoulder and neck. While massage and pain relievers can reduce pain temporarily, since you are not dealing with the correct underlying problem, the pain comes and goes all the time to disturb you annoyingly. Do you know what the small intestine meridian is? How can it help with shoulder and neck pain?

The Small Intestine Meridian

In TCM, qi is the vital life force that sustains life, and the meridians, being essential to our health, are the channels of qi. The small intestine meridian of Hand-Taiyang starts from the tip of the little finger and goes upwards along the posterior side of the forearm until it reaches the back of the shoulder. Then it divides into three directions. One branch runs internally through the heart and the stomach to the small intestine. The second branch runs externally across the neck to the outer corner of the eye and then enters the ear. And the third one runs to the inner corner of the eye and connects with the bladder meridian.

the path and acupoints of the small intestine meridian.

What Does Small Intestine Meridian Do?

The small intestine meridian takes control of the pain in the neck and the upper part of the scapula. People with frozen shoulder or shoulder pain can massage the small intestine meridian and acupuncture to alleviate the pain. The most effective acupoint for this pain is Jianzhen (SI 9), which locates 3 cm above the end of the axillary fold with the arm hanging down.

Moreover, the small intestine meridian regulates many fluids in the human body, including stomach acid, digestive juices, vaginal discharge, and milk. Therefore, balancing the qi in the small intestine meridian will help patients with hyperacidity or indigestion problems. If women in the lactation period cannot produce enough milk for their babies, they can try to stimulate the small intestine meridian as well to secrete more milk. A TCM practitioner often uses Shaoze acupoint (SI 1) to improve lactation. This acupoint is on the ulnar side of the little finger between the nail and the joint.

the positions of Jianzhen (SI 9) and Shaoze (SI 1) acupoint

How to Massage the Small Intestine Meridian

Sit upright, bend your arms, and place your palms toward your chest. Use one hand to pinch back and forth along the meridian of the small intestine (the lateral rear edge of the arm). Repeat for 8-10 minutes each time. If somewhere is extra painful, you can pinch it for a little longer. Alternatively, you can ask others to do it for you or hit the meridian with a massage hammer.

This massage can relieve pain and relax muscles of the shoulders and neck. It may also help with digestive issues, especially indigestion and flatulence.

MicroGen for the Small Intestine Meridian

HeaWea MicroGen is an effective way of balancing qi flow in the small intestine meridian. It will generate precise healing frequencies to stimulate the small intestine meridian. If shoulder and neck pain bothers you constantly, you should try the small intestine meridian program. You can search “meridian” in the software and run the highlighted program as shown in the screenshot.

small intestine meridian program in the HeaWea software.

The TENS pads should be placed on the back of your hand and your scapula, as shown in the figure.

TENS pads placement for the small intestine meridian

Shoulder and neck pain is often debilitating, and pain relievers cannot help you in the long run. However, you can always massage your small intestine meridian to stop the pain from recurring. Remember this meridian, pat it whenever you can, and stay pain-free.

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