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The Triple Burner: Qi Regulator for Your Internal Organs

MicroGen and the Triple Burner: Qi Regulator for Your Internal Organs

The meridians are the energy channel through which the life energy, qi, flows. In last week’s blog, we talked about the spleen and stomach meridian, the origin of qi and blood. This time, we will focus on another meridian that regulates the qi flow of the body—the triple burner (or triple warmer).

What Is the Triple Burner?

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a burner refers to a cavity. The triple burner means the three hollow spaces in the trunk. The upper burner is the chest, including your heart and lungs; the middle burner is the abdomen above your navel, including your spleen and stomach; the lower burner is the space occupied by the kidney, bladder, and intestines. The triple burner meridian connects the major systems of your body, starting from the tip of your ring finger, going along your arm, and spreading around your chest and abdomen.

The three burners in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

How Does Triple Burner Meridian Affect Your Health?

The triple burner meridian connects and regulates qi flow through your systems. Your lung, spleen, and stomach absorb air and food and transform them into qi. Also, your kidney produces innate qi. The triple burner meridian passes these organs, collects qi, and transports it to other parts of your body.

A strong and smooth qi flow guarantees good health, and the triple burner meridian is especially critical because it regulates all the qi flow in the life-sustaining organs.

In the theory of TCM, people can get sick from evil qi entering the body. If the positive qi flow is strong enough, the triple burner meridian can push the evil qi out of your body to keep you healthy.

If the qi flow in the triple burner meridian is weak or compressed, you may have qi deficiency or stagnation. It will cause different health problems, including high blood pressure, high blood fat, and pain and injury in the lower back. Other conditions may also occur, including lumbar disc herniation, constipation, prostatitis, and menopausal syndrome.

Moreover, the triple qi meridian can affect the endocrine system and people’s emotions, especially in female mood swings.

Massage to Strengthen Qi Flow in the Triple Burner Meridian

Massage is a convenient way you can try at home to stimulate qi flow in a meridian. Since the triple burner meridian goes along the arm, you can pat your arm to improve qi flow. Start from the end of the right collar bone, slowly pat your shoulder, down along your arm, and finish at the back of your right hand. The whole process should take around 8 minutes.

The other way is massaging your abdomen for 20 minutes. If you have constipation, rub it clockwise, but if you have diarrhea, do it counterclockwise. It will massage the organs in your middle and lower burner and prompt better functions.

MicroGen for the Triple Burner Meridian

MicroGen has a program to stimulate the triple burner meridian. The program uses electric frequencies to give the qi an energy boost, activating it to flow through the meridian. You can search “meridian” in the software and select the program “Meridians – Triple Warmer.”

HeaWea MicroGen program for the triple burner (triple warmer/san jiao) meridian.

The TENS pads can be placed on the back of your right hand and your right lower abdomen, as shown in the following diagram.

TENS pads placement for MicroGen triple burner (triple warmer/san jiao) meridian program.

Enhancing the qi flow in the triple burner meridian will improve the function of your internal organs, strengthen immunity, and promote circulation. It keeps you in a calm and peaceful mood and helps you feel less irritable. The triple burner meridian is essential for the energy cycle in your body. Sick or not, you should try the program often.

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