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Unblock Your Meridians with MicroGen

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the meridian system is a system of channels through which qi, the life energy, flows. The qi cycles inside your body to provide the driving force for metabolism, and therefore qi flow is critical for your health. When qi flows smoothly, you are healthy, and your mind is clear. But when it is obstructed, you will have different symptoms depending on which meridian is blocked.

What Is the Meridian System?

Principal meridians on the human body.

Your body has twelve main meridians called Principal Meridians. They each correspond to an organ and have a Yin or Yang property. Six of the meridians start from the hands, while the other six start from the feet. For example, Taiyin Lung Channel of Hand is a Yin meridian that starts from the hand and affects your lung health.

When Your Meridian is Blocked

There is a saying in TCM, “pain comes from obstruction.” It means you will often feel pain at someplace when a meridian is blocked. If the qi in the meridian cannot flow smoothly, it often causes qi stagnation and a lack of qi in the related organ. When an organ does not have enough qi energy, it will work less efficiently and sometimes become sick. Again, take Taiyin Lung Channel of Hand as an example. When the yin qi flow in this channel is blocked or out of balance, you may suffer from respiratory problems such as coughing, sore throat, and panting.

How to Unblock Your Meridians

There are many ways to unblock your meridians. You can either try to do it yourself or let a professional help you.

– Eat, Drink, and Breathe
Qi deficiency can lead to a blocked meridian. Fortunately, foods, drinks, and air provide qi for your body. Eating natural foods and deep breathing can replenish qi in your meridians.

– Practice Qi Gong
Qi gong is a physical exercise specially designed to help with qi flow. It is like a less-violent, aerobic form of martial art. The movement and breathing exercises in qi gong will strengthen your qi flow in the meridians. If you want to practice qi gong, you can find tutorial videos online or a professional trainer near you.

– Massage and Acupunture
A professional massagist or acupuncturist can identify which meridian is blocked and use the correct way to stimulate the acupoints and enhance qi flow. If you want a quick fix, they are your go-to people.

Qi gong, massage, and acupuncture can help stimulate qi flow in meridians.

Unblock Your Meridians with MicroGen

MicroGen has 14 programs for 12 principal meridians and 2 special meridians. These programs can simulate acupuncture by applying electric currents to the acupoints and meridians. When you run these programs, you can either place the TENS pads near the corresponding organ or at the endpoints of the meridians. (To know where the endpoints of meridians are, search the meridian on the Internet for illustrations.)

Meridian programs in MicroGen software.

Unblocking meridians is a non-invasive way to deal with diseases. Like energy medicine, it pushes the qi to circulate smoothly in your body and provide energy to different organs. A smooth qi flow will ensure the energy balance of your body.

We have also uploaded sound frequencies for meridian stimulation on our Youtube channel. You can experience its power firsthand by listening to the audio.

Check our product page to find more about MicroGen. Welcome to join our Facebook group to hear others’ stories and hear about the discount announcement.

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