There is nothing more persuasive than our customers’ approval. What our customers are saying about HeaWea MicroGen? 

“I do really enjoy the the Zapper, and a person can use that every day if they choose. I’ve been doing that quite often,three times a week. Another program is the Blood Purifier(BP), which I decided to run for 30 days. To prove to you that it has been working, the BP, my wife for the first two days was having headaches, and so, therefore, on the second day, I did energy work on her. Headaches disappeared. Another of my favorite programs are the detox programs. And there again, choose anything to do with liver, which circulates a lot of blood through this system, your system, and filters it out.There are so many to choose from, and really they do work. Just give your programs time and pay attention, and they do work.” ── Michael
“I can’t tell you how much I love this and how much it’s helped. This little powerhouse has over 50,000 frequencies that can be programmed for every kind of ailment that you can think of. Anything that I can take with me out in the public, put my pads where they need to go, and put it in my pocket. I can treat all sorts of things anytime I want. I had an issue with sore throats every once in a while, I would place them on my throat wherever it was hurting. Next morning I woke up, no more pain. I also had a tooth that I was going to have to have pulled, and it was causing me a lot of problems. And again,it gave me so much relief. My husband got into a mess of bugs So I programmed the MicroGen with bug bites and put it on his legs. And immediately within five minutes, there were no more itching .” ── Charlotte Garland

“Hi, my name’s Jenny. I’m just getting in touch to share my HeaWea experience with you. And so my HeaWea experience started about a year ago when I was to go and see a holistic doctor. I was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago, and I’ve tried western therapies, and I was told that my cancer was incurable. So I still go ahead with one normal treatment, but using HeaWea alongside that, along with a few of holistic things. HeaWea here, the software that it comes with is actually really really simple to use. So you can type in the programs. I can just type into the encyclopedia, anything that’s other cancer related, ovary related. I have had a reduction in the size of the tumors in my ovaries. In fact, it’s 50 % reduction. So I mean that’s just proof to me that this is doing something for me. And it’s good for me. It doesn’t drain me. I actually couldn’t recommend it enough. So yeah, that’s my experience. Hope you have a great day! Bye. “──Jenny  

“Hi, I’m Bonnie Tompkins and my husband Bob and I’ve been Spooky 2, Miramate, and MicroGen users for quite a while. Microgen we bought when it first came out, and we’ve been happy with it for the most part. We also use the MicroGen for imprinting crystals where we connect it with our frequencies. We fill it with water above the tens pads, puts the crystals in, and we let it run through the frequencies to imprint them. We’ve used the MicroGen for our knees, for, let me see, I got a list here, hammertoes, for my arm and elbow, for our shoulders, for the liver, gallbladder. We use it for Blood Purifier, and just love it for that. We love the Zapper especially, you can feel things happening. Also, the high and low power are wonderful choices depending on where you’re putting the TENS pads. We also like using the HeaWea software, it’s just wonderful that way. We’re very happy with the MicroGen. It has definitely helped us with a lot of our health issues. Thank you.” ──Bonnie

“Hi, my name is Juana Castanheira from Sonoma Energy Medicine. l am an energy medicine practitioner, at the moment only seeing clients online. And I’ve been using it on myself, on my dog, and family and friends. And l have been pleasantly surprised. It’s been an amazing experience to use the HeaWea for healing. The first thing we started using the HeaWea or on myself was on my knees. l started using the ligament stimulate healing and noticed great improvement on my knees. And also, let’s see, l started also using the knee joint pain on family members. l started using the HeaWea for constipation, bladder sphincter issues, or incontinence, kidney issues, with great results. Let’s see. And then l have a 9-year-old dog, and l started using the HeaWea, placing the pads on his paws. And he was completely fine about it. ln fact, he really enjoys it. So the HeaWea’s been awesome. l can’t wait to start seeing clients once again in person so that l can introduce them to the HeaWea MicroGen. Thank you.”──Juana Castanheira

“Hi, this is bonnie again, and I had a lot of requests for talking about imprinting with our MicroGen and printing crystal. So what we do is we take our bottle. And we leave our TENS pads already on there, I put water above the TENS pads, and I then take my MicroGen, and I put frequencies on that I want, either from the MicroGen software or the spooky2. And then I take my MicroGen, and I put them with the TENS pads, and I turn on MicroGen, and I’m gonna turn it to level five. You can choose a level you want three, five, one, whichever, but I’ll leave that in there. this program is supposed to run like 20 some minutes, so I’ll let it go a few a couple of times, and then our crystal should be done. Once the crystals are done…This has been wonderful we haven’t had to buy eye drops for dry eyes an extremely long time, because he makes his own, and he knows it works, because it stings his eyes a little. We found them very helpful, and I’m hoping that you find this video helpful.”──Bonnie

“I enjoy using this one very much. When I have a problem, I search for the problem I have in the computer. And it put the program in the HeaWea and treat it. For example, I have a problems a few day ago on my feet’s skin. I could not stand for it. So I look for the programs and search for the “itchy” and use this program. I treat it for 30 minutes. By putting my TENS pads on my feet skin, after 30 minutes has passed, I felt less itchy. And the next day, I didn’t feel itchy on my skin again.” ── HeaWea User
“When I bend my thumb, it would go out of joint. And I would have to bend it back in, and it would make a very loud crunching sound. I went to the orthopedic surgeon and I showed him my thumb. He cringed when I bent it, and said that’s one of the worst he’s ever seen. So I’m gonna run the Blood Purifier. After two weeks, not even two weeks,I could bend my thumb. We love the product, and actually, we’re sharing one right now, because Mark has come up with high blood pressure, so when I’m done, he’s going to run it.” ── Lynette

“I’ve been using HeaWea MicroGen for the past few months. And I’m really happy with my experience with HeaWea, because it does offer me a portable Rife device which I can get it anywhere easily. And then I can get a frequency on my body easily. My parents have frequent urination problem at night. So after using the popular Zapper and Blood Purifier(BP) modes for a few days, my parents reported fewer urination issues. That was a victory for my family, Even I use zapper on myself quite regularly, and I feel that my body has become lighter, so I feel at ease now.” ── Dr. Siddheshwar Chopra

“I am 83 years old. The HeaWea MicroGen is an absolute must for everybody. It is so affordable. And if the budget is small, and you could only buy one device, I would suggest this one. It’s got 50,000 programs. It actually has a scar tissue healing which was not on the X or the XMs. And that is what i used for my face. I put the cream on, and I had an allergic reaction to it. It is absolutely and completely healed. I just haven’t got words because spooky2’s changed my whole life. This quantum energy is absolutely the future of our world. By the grace of god, I’m healthy and still alive.” ── Anso de We
“We visited a friend in east Texas yesterday, and Tim is covered in bites. Itching like crazy. Put the microgen on bug bites or bites and stings. He’s not itching at all. Amazing.” ── HeaWea User

“I wait just a few days after I order it and I get it on my hand. Everything is perfect. After I get the HeaWea, and I use for the blood purify. And I feel the frequency is very good. And after I use it, my body gets better. I feel more relaxed.”── HeaWea User

“I have been using HeaWea for about almost two weeks, and I feel very good about it, especially with the blood purifier mode because you can feel the vibration of the frequency. And today I had a problem with my headache. After using the programs that I put it in, I feel much better. I hope this helps for anyone who wants to use HeaWea.” ── HeaWea User
“This is the HeaWea. It’s very nice. There are so many stuffs in here: the unit, a beautiful white stripe, instruction book, TENS pads,and so on. Everything is here. And i’m very excited to start exploring this new gadget for myself and my family’s loved ones. ── HeaWea User

“It is a small device a size of a mouse, and it is a frequency generator, and it generates Rife frequencies as well as microcurrent frequencies. HeaWea is actually a portable version of the Spooky2, but it also is a bit more powerful in terms of the contact mode. So with HeaWea, I can run the contact mode for many hours on a low frequency and achieve better results. And I frankly stopped using a lot of medication and drugs. And even my homeopathic remedies, I’ve reduced it to a minimum because of using this HeaWea. The detox function of the HeaWea is also fantastic. The software is completely free, and once you have mastered the way to use it, you will find that it is a fantastic aid to your health.” ── Suriya Osman

“I’m a very excited HeaWea MicroGen wearer and user. I love this dude. I now have two. I want more. I want to open a wellness center. I want to offer these for people to use to heal themselves. In 2005, I got super sick with a back injury that put me in intractable pain for seven years, and for seven years. And this is where Rife comes in. Go to the software, which is free, 50,000 plus programs. (get back pain relief after using plenty of programs) I have a friend that has such foot pain, she’s looking into surgery. She happened to come by to visit. And we put these socks on her, I had just gotten them, ran her all kinds of feet programs, and she did not have pain for three days in her feet. She could not believe it. She bought a HeaWea… I just want to say it is so worth it.” ── Cheri

“Struggled for four months to get my lips right, okay. Then it was healed, and afterwards, I took essential oil, and I licked it up like this. And then on, it happened again. Then I knew it was an essential oil we did it, but then my MicroGen arrived, and I used the MicroGen and within four days it was like this.” ──  Lili Dreyer

“Got the HeaWea box today. Very happy. Have been waiting for it. Can’t see what’s inside…Oh! So small. Portable. Can’t wait to use it. I can put over my neck, around my neck…After the blood purify and migraine program, I think my head is a lot lighter. At first, I plan to take the medicine, but I don’t think I need it anymore. Thank you, HeaWea.”── Porpor Sakdakrai

“Hi, there! This is Charlotte Garland again, and I wanted to give you an update on my MicroGen. I use my MicroGen. I use it quite a bit because I found out six months ago I had diabetes and an A1c of 15.1 which my doctor said was the highest point he’d ever seen was 12.00. And I had fasting blood sugar of 374. My highest sugar and I didn’t know I had diabetes was 444….And I was having a blurry vision so I had read on the Facebook, HeaWea MicroGen website, and someone had said that they used the eye inflammation program…I mean the remote works great, but I really like my Microgen. So I went in in the evening, and I put my pads on my temples just like this, loaded up my program with eye inflammation. There’s eye inflammation and eye inflammation 2, eye disorders, just several different ones. Put it on, and I’ve used it for two or three days. So today I went to the eye doctor, and the eye doctor said that my eyes have improved, that my stigmatism has improved. I don’t need to use glasses to drive. My eyes are not blurry anymore. She looked at the back of my retina and all of that. She said it looks good. I don’t have any macular problems. What I do have is my little MicroGen. Thank you HeaWea, you did it again hon.”── Charlotte Garland

“Hi, John, Echo, and everybody at Spooky. This is Mary Argusa in northwest Georgia. Wanna talk to you real quickly about our Spooky experience…when HeaWea came out, we purchased a HeaWea. In terms of testimonies, Joe suffered from plantar fasciitis. But using the frequencies between the GenX and HeaWea, that’s not a problem anymore. It’s gone…As l mentioned, we have a HeaWea, but this is the third one we’ve had…HeaWea we have now is working fine. But l wanted to mention that because there may be people that are here tonight and they’re listening, maybe they haven’t bought a product. And they’re wondering, not only does the product work, but how reliable is the company. And l can say, from our point of view, we not only have good products that worked but there is good customer service. You stand behind your products, so you build it well, and you take care of your customers. So thank you so much. Looking forward to hearing everybody else’s shares tonight. Bye.” ── Mary Argusa

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