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Why Do We Recommend the Terrain Protocol to New Users?

When you begin your journey with MicroGen, we usually recommend doing a set of Terrain programs first. This protocol is very helpful and effective, especially for new users. We have also received a lot of positive feedback from users who used Terrain. What is Terrain Protocol, and why is it a good starter program?

What is the Terrain Protocol?
The Terrain Protocol is a series of detox programs developed by Johann Stegmann when he was running Rife frequencies for his chronic issues. The programs can cleanse your systems and help you prepare for further Rife frequency programs.

Benefits of the Terrain Protocol
The Terrain Protocol is a carefully stepped detoxification process. You may have ingested toxins from food, drink, or air from time to time, and your body naturally removes them. However, your body cannot dump these toxins quickly enough due to the heavy environmental pollution. Therefore, the toxins often gather and damage your body, resulting in all kinds of discomfort or problems.

The Terrain Protocol will help remove heavy metals, chemicals, systemic toxins, and pathogens from your body and improve the health of the organs and lymphatic system. Thus, your body will be able to recover on its own after getting rid of the toxins. In addition, toxins could intercept or absorb Rife frequencies, leaving less energy for you and making the frequencies less effective. Therefore, starting with Terrain is a good idea when you want to do Rife therapy.

How to Run the Terrain Protocol?
The Terrain protocol is a custom program list that you can download here. (If you need a guide to how to add a custom program list, you can read this Q&A post.) There are three series of terrain protocols, two of which consist of 15 programs, and the other consists of 13. There is a regular protocol, another without mercury removal, and another with a mild application.

Follow the instructions in the description and run each for 1 to 2 hours or 2 to 4 hours, depending on the program. You only need to run one program each day and follow the order in the list. That means you will finish the protocol in 15 days.

The programs will remove toxins from different parts of the body, and you can place the TENS pads accordingly. In general, you can always put one pad on your right wrist and the other on your left ankle. We recommend running them on High Power Mode to get the best results.

Notes on the Terrain Protocol
It is a good idea to keep track of which day you are on when running the Terrain Protocol so that in case you forget where you are, you can know which program you were running on the previous day.

You can run the Terrain while taking medications. Although medications are also toxins, it takes a while for the body to remove them, even with the Terrain running. If you are worried, you can run the Terrain-Nonviolent.

Make sure you stay hydrated when running the Terrain Protocol. You may also pause it at any time to take a break. Since Terrain is a hardcore detox, you should trust your feelings and take it slow if needed. If your reactions, such as irritation or discomfort, are strong, run the programs in Low Power Mode.

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