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New Product Release: HeaWea MicroGen

HeaWea is our new brand, dedicated to creating a leading-edge portable frequency device.

HeaWea MicroGen is the first product to be sold under the HeaWea brand. It is a portable frequency device like no other. MicroGen is now available for pre-ordering. For a selected time, we will offer you a pre-sale special price! Don’t miss out!

We will arrange the shipping for pre-orders sequentially from April 16th.

So, what makes MicroGen different from all the other offerings on the market? Let’s take a quick peek at some of the features.

MicroGen can deliver both low-power and high-power frequencies.

Low-power (Frequency Specific Microcurrent) mode regulates your energy field. The low power mode is a method of introducing frequencies with microcurrents. It is recommended for those very sensitive to frequencies (currents) and can be used above the shoulder (neck and head). The duration depends on the specific program.

High power mode uses Rife frequencies to unleash the full potential of HeaWea MicroGen for holistic rejuvenation.

The high power mode is more potent than the low power mode.

The HeaWea MicroGen programming software cleverly applies high-frequency harmonics to reduce possible cases of sensitivity at low frequencies.

MicroGen has the power of much larger devices (up to 60 volts!), yet can easily fit into your pocket or purse, or hang from a convenient lanyard around your neck. A single charge lasts over 24 hours, and the battery can be charged from any USB port.

Choose programs from a massive database, which is regularly updated for free.

MicroGen can hold 1,000 frequencies, with a resolution up to an incredible 0.000001 Hz. The maximum frequency is 2 MHz, with an unbelievable 40 nanosecond switching speed. (0.04 millionths of a second).

Using clever current-limiting circuitry, MicroGen can safely deliver Rife, FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent), Zapper and BP. No other portable frequency device can match MicroGen.

Learn more about HeaWea MicroGen:

2 thoughts on “New Product Release: HeaWea MicroGen

  1. Phil says:

    Tell me if how this product is different from Spooky2 gx generators and his software ? Only simple et portable solution ?
    Best regards

    1. HeaWea says:

      Spooky2 has a variety of different modes, more choices of software programs, stronger power, and more suitable for home use.
      HeaWea MicroGen is more convenient and the software operation is more concise. It is more portable to carry. Choose different modes you can help your body at any time.

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