Struggle with Nystagmus

I have been diagnosed with Nystagmus. I have been to neurologists and the underlying cause cannot be determined. I have run Nystagmus programs on both my GenX and my Heawea without much success. Yesterday I tried using a cranial nerve diseases (the VI cranial nerve is the one that they thought may be affected in my case) program on my Heawea running on low power placing the tens pads on my temples. Within a couple of hours running continuously I have found a marked improvement. I combine this with eye exercises consisting of focusing on a pen and while keeping my head still moving it from left to right them up and down. This was a condition that forced to me to leave my job and also not being able to drive when it was really bad. Doctors told me it was probably something I would jus have to live with. Thanks to Heawea I am seeing positive results which I hope will continue. I anyone is going through the same thing then I hope this information is benifitial.


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