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The Pericardium Meridian: the Bodyguard of Your Heart

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), meridians are the energy channels for qi, the life-force energy. Open up the meridians, smooth the qi flow, and all diseases will disappear. In this article, we focus on the pericardium meridian and its effect.

The Pericardium Meridian and Its Function

The pericardium is the wrapping sack surrounding the heart. Although it is not an organ in Western physiology, it is one in TCM. The pericardium meridian starts from the chest, goes along the arm, and ends at the tip of the middle finger. A smooth qi flow in the pericardium meridian will maintain and improve the condition of your heart, including the physiological ability to pump blood and spiritually lift your sensations.

The main branch of the pericardium meridian

The pericardium meridian’s primary function is to protect the heart physically and defend it from negative energy. By helping to regulate the blood circulation in and out of the blood, the pericardium meridian will stop infections from damaging the blood vessels and the heart. It will also protect the heart against energy disruptors to maintain an internal energy balance.

When the Pericardium Meridian Is Blocked

The pericardium meridian is the bodyguard of your heart. When the guard cannot do its job, your heart is exposed to danger.

A blocked pericardium meridian cannot regulate blood flow in the major arteries. Poor or abnormal circulation often leads to cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure, high blood sugar, high blood fat, arteriosclerosis, coronary heart disease, and myocardial infarction. Also, people may suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, or irritation due to qi stagnation.

How to Boost Qi Flow in the Pericardium Meridian

Two acupoints are especially useful for the pericardium meridian: Danzhong (RN17) and Neiguan (P6). Danzhong is at the midpoint of the nipples, and Neiguan is 2.5 inches from the wrist lines on the arm, between the tendons and muscles. Rubbing these two acupoints for two minutes will significantly boost the qi flow in the pericardium meridian. Using your middle finger will be even more effective because the tip of the middle finger is one of the endpoints of this meridian.

MicroGen for the Pericardium Meridian

MicroGen has a program for the pericardium meridian. It can generate precise healing frequencies to boost qi flow in the meridian and improve insomnia, anxiety, depression, and cardiovascular issues. You can search “meridian” in the software and run the highlighted program as shown in the screenshot.

HeaWea MicroGen Program for pericardium meridian stimulation.

The TENS pads should be placed to the right of your right nipple (Tianchi acupoint) and 2 inches from the right wrist on your arm (Neiguan acupoint). When TENS pads are placed on these two points, the current will cover most of the pericardium meridian.

TENS pads placement for the MicroGen pericardium meridian program.

The pericardium meridian safeguards your heart. The qi flow in it will impact your cardiovascular health. Also, because the meridian involves the upper burner, it will jointly affect the body with the three-burner meridian, which we have discussed in a previous blog.

MicroGen uses healing frequencies to strengthen and balance your qi flow and protect your heart and blood vessels.

Listen to the Healing Frequency for the Pericardium Meridian

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