MicroGen, User Manual

A Step-by-step Guide for First-time Microgen Users

HeaWea MicroGen is a frequency healing device that applies frequencies with currents to activate your energetic field. It also needs the corresponding software to operate. In this guide, I will show you how to download the FREE software and use MicroGen.


1. Download the MicroGen software

2. Load programs

3. Set up your MicroGen and start healing

How to Download the HeaWea Software?

1. Click Here to go to the software download page.

(Note that MicroGen software can only run on a Windows PC. You cannot use MicroGen with a Mac or Android device.)

 2. On the software page, click the “download” button to download the software.

 3. Run the setup and install the software.

(You can change the route where you want to install the program.)

 4. After installation, you will notice a “MicroGen” icon on your desktop. You can double-click it to open the software.

Now you can set up the MicroGen.

A Brief Introduction to the Four Modes

Before starting your MicroGen, you need to choose which healing mode you need. There are four modes: Blood Purifier, Zapper, low power mode, and high power mode. Each mode represents a different healing procedure.

— Blood Purifier

Blood purifier mode applies 3.9 Hz biphasic AC frequency to eliminate undesirable parasites, viruses, bacteria, and fungi living in the blood. The duration is 2 hours, and you should use the high power cable.

— Zapper

Zapper mode applies 20 kHz to 40 kHz monophasic DC frequency to eradicate bacteria, viruses, and parasites. The duration is 3 x 7 minutes with 21 minutes rest interval between sessions (7+21+7+21+7, 63 minutes in total). This mode requires a high-power cable.

Low Power Mode

The low power mode is recommended for those very sensitive to frequencies (currents) or if you are treating conditions above the shoulder (neck and head). It can help relax muscles to relieve pain and stiffness. The duration depends on the specific program. As the name suggests, you should use a low power cable for this mode.

High Power Mode

The high power mode applies Rife frequencies to help with thousands of health problems caused by viruses, bacteria, fungi, and parasites. The duration also depends on the specific program. Again, this mode requires a high-power cable.

Now you know the four modes, you can set up the MicroGen.

How to Set Up MicroGen?

1. Press the power button for 2 seconds to turn on MicroGen. (The small green lights indicate the remaining battery level.)

2. Connect MicroGen to the PC with the USB cable (to load programs from the PC).

3. Connect the TENS pads to MicroGen with the high/low power cable (according to your program).

4. Stick the TENS pads on your skin according to the programs you intend to run. (Generally, you can place the pads across the region that needs recovery. We will explain where to place TENS pads in detail in another post.)

How to Load Programs?

You do not need to select any program for Blood Purifier and Zapper mode. Simply click the “Blood Purifier” or “Zapper” button to start these modes.

● For low power and high power modes, you need to choose the programs. 

— Search for the program you need. 

For example, I have diabetes, so I search “diabetes” in the search box. (Note that spelling must be accurate, or you cannot find the program. You can search with fewer letters, such as “diabet” or “diab”, but not “diebetes” or “diabets”.) 

— And then double click the program you want to use in the left column, and it will show up on the right column.

— You can load more than one program at once.

For example, I also have rhinitis, so I search “rhinitis” and select the program. You will see every program you choose in the right column. (MicroGen will automatically run the next program after it finishes the previous one.)

— Click the Low Power Cable/High Power Cable button to start selected programs. 

● You will see a pop-up window confirming the loading is successful, and if you have already put the TENS pads correctly on your body, the LED on the cable will blink or stay on. 

● You can safely disconnect MicroGen from the PC.

Now your MicroGen is working. We hope it will make your life healthy and enjoyable.

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