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How Long Does It Take to See Results from MicroGen?

If you intend to use MicroGen, you must have wondered how long it takes to work. Hopefully, this blog can answer this question, and you will use MicroGen more efficiently and improve your well-being.

Three Types of Conditions

Not all conditions are the same. They have different causes, symptoms, and times for recovery. In general, diseases can be divided into three types: acute, chronic, and serious.

Acute conditions are problems that have occurred recently, such as flu, sore throats, or headaches. It usually takes hours to days for MicroGen to relieve symptoms related to these issues. For example, it may only need one session to stop the pain or itching of a bug bite, but a common cold may need three sessions in three consecutive days to see significant improvement.

Chronic conditions are caused by the accumulation of toxins and unbalanced negative energies. These problems do not develop in one day and thus need a long time to heal. Depending on the condition and a person’s situation, it will take weeks to months to recover. For example, a single pain-relieving session may ease your chronic pain for once, but if you use chronic pain or related programs every day for at least 3 consecutive weeks, you will suddenly realize that the pain has gone.

Serious conditions will usually require at least 3 months of detox and energy rebalancing sessions. The most severe ones will need repeated sessions for 6 months or so. However, this is only a very rough guideline. Since MicroGen cannot help you diagnose, you need clinical lab test results as a precise indicator to know how much you have recovered. Do not merely rely on how you feel. Sometimes people stop using MicroGen after feeling better, but symptoms can return unless you have completely expelled your body’s toxins and restored its energy balance.

We often recommend the Terrain Protocol to new users. It is a series of carefully paced detox programs that can significantly cleanse your body and make you prepare for further sessions. You can check out this blog to learn more about these programs.

Diseases are the expansion of tiny imbalances in your energy, and you need to correct these imbalances one by one. The worse the condition, the longer it takes to mend. You just need to be patient and give MicroGen some time, and it will repay you with a healthy body and easy life.

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