MicroGen: Bring New Hope to Autistic Patients and Their Family

In this blog, we will share the story of Henry, a 7-year-old boy. He usually wore a tidy white shirt and looked rather handsome. However, Henry was never a popular kid because he could not make friends with or understand others. The kids in his class could not understand him either. As a matter of saying, he is a little bit ‘lonely’.

What is autism?

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurological and developmental disability where people interact, communicate, learn, and behave differently from others. There is no pattern to who is likely to get ASD as the possibility is the same amongst all genders, races, ethnicities, and economic backgrounds. Also, it is a spectrum disorder due to its wide variety and severity of symptoms people experience.

Signs and symptoms of autism

People with autism often have restricted or repetitive behaviors or interests and difficulty with social communication and interaction. They may also focus, learn or move around differently. Altogether, these characteristics can make their life very challenging.

Autism is a developmental disorder because symptoms gradually appear in the first two years of life. Henry had barely said a word until age two. His mother took him to the doctor, but he was not immediately diagnosed with autism as his symptoms had a developmental delay. However, when he went to kindergarten, his lack of communication with other children, obsessive behaviors, and inability to learn new skills had drawn his teacher’s attention, and he was found autistic.

Causes of autism

The primary causes of autism are unknown, but studies suggest that a combination of genetic and environmental factors can increase the likelihood of autism, including:

Having a sibling with ASD

Having older parents

Having certain genetic conditions

Having a very low birth weight.

Treatments of autism

Autism affects each person differently. Therefore, every patient may need personalized treatments according to their situation. Current therapies for autism seek to reduce symptoms that interfere with the patient’s daily activities and quality of life.

Since autism is a developmental disorder, the earlier the intervention begins, the easier for the patients to learn new skills and build on their strengths. Working closely with a doctor is the key to finding the right combination of treatment and services. Current options include:

Speech and Language Therapy to improve the understanding and use of speech and language,

Occupational Therapy to teach independent-living skills,

Applied Behavior Analysis to encourage desired behaviors and discourages undesired behaviors.

MicroGen for Autism

MicroGen offers programs for autism management. The precise healing frequencies it generates will help with various behavioral and developmental problems that an autistic person may encounter. You can search “autism” or other related conditions to find programs you need in the HeaWea software, as shown in the screenshot. We recommend using low power mode and put the TENS pads on the temples for this condition. It may take long-term, continuous use to see results.

healing frequency for autism in HeaWea software

“He likes to watch chess games on YouTube,” Henry’s mother said, “that’s when he’s most peaceful.” She told us that Henry was a bit more talkative after therapies. “He may never live and work like others,” said his mother, “but I will try everything to help him become independent. I have to prepare him for the future.”

*Names in this article are aliases to protect privacy.

Caution: We do not recommend using MicroGen on children. If you have to use it, the child must be at least 3 years old and under adult supervision during the entire treatment. Since children’s skin is relatively sensitive, we recommend sticking a wet cloth between the TENS pads and the skin to avoid allergies. You should also only use the low power mode, low power cable, and on power level 1 to prevent possible damage. Please control the usage time to at most 1 hour. If the child shows any sign of discomfort, please stop immediately.

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