Heart Meridian

The Heart Meridian: the Energy Channel of Your Heart and Mind

Meridians are the energy channels of the human body. Not only can they control your physical health, but they also affect your mental activities. The heart meridian has a more significant impact on your mental health than other meridians, and it guards your heart against negative energies and diseases. In some sense, it is the most critical meridian.

The Channel of the Heart Meridian

The heart meridian of hand shaoyin starts from the heart and diverges into three branches. One branch goes down past the diaphragm and connects to the small intestine. The second goes up past the throat and ends near the eye. And the third, the one we care about the most, goes across the chest, traces along the inner side of the right arm, and finally reaches the tip of the little finger, where it shares the same acupoint and connects with the small intestine meridian.

The three branches of the heart meridia

Conditions Related to the Heart Meridian

As its name suggests, the heart meridian directly controls the condition of your heart. When this particular meridian is blocked or suppressed, it may cause cardiovascular diseases, including heart attacks, coronary heart disease, angina, and arrhythmia. Sometimes, chest pain also can be relieved by stimulating the qi flow in the heart meridian.

Since one of its branches passes through the throat, when too much heat stays in the heart meridian, the moisture in the throat will evaporate faster than usual. If you have symptoms such as dry mouth, dry throat, and frequent thirst, you may also stimulate the heart meridian for instant relief.

Furthermore, the heart may affect your mind and emotions. When the qi flow in the heart meridian is out of balance, it will negatively affect your mental health. For instance, when heart qi is deficient, you may feel uneasy or experience symptoms such as palpitation and insomnia. And when the heart qi is congested, you may get irritated easily.

Two Important Acupoints for the Heart Meridian

Jiquan (HT1) and Shenmen (HT7) are two main acupoints of the heart meridian. Their positions are shown in the diagram below.

Jiquan (HT1) and Shenmen (HT7) acupoints of the heart meridian

Jiquan is located at the vertex of the armpit, where you can feel the pulses. You can pinch or press Jiquan point to improve palpitations, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, insomnia, and neurasthenia caused by deficient qi and blood. For example, press the acupoint with your finger until you feel a little soreness, and then move your finger to the side. You may feel a tingling sensation that travels down the arm to the fingers.

Shenmen acupoint is on the wrist line near the little finger’s side, above the ulnar nerve. After loads of work or study, you probably will feel mentally exhausted or dizzy, and you can massage the Shenmen acupoint to stimulate the blood flow to the head and refresh your mind. When massaging, use your thumb to press Shenmen 14 times and then rub it for 1 minute. Do it slowly and gently, and you do not need to feel sore for it to work.

MicroGen for the Heart Meridian

HeaWea MicroGen can help you balance qi flow in the heart meridian with precise healing frequency, improving your cardiovascular health and mental stability. You will feel peaceful and enjoy better sleep after using the heart meridian program. You can search “meridian” in the software and run the highlighted program as shown in the screenshot.

The TENS pads can be placed on your wrist line and right chest as shown in the figure.

TENS pads placement for the heart meridian

Your heart is the center of your mind and the basis of your life. Maintaining a healthy heart is critical for everyone, and MicroGen can help you with it. Use MicroGen to balance the qi flow in your heart meridian and protect your heart health.

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