Emotional Struggles

How to Come out of Emotional Struggles?

Recently, we received a private message from a user, Chris, asking if HeaWea MicroGen could help his friend. He said in the PM, “my friend is going through the aftermath of his divorce, which lasted two years. It’s like a decompression chamber, and he sinks into alcohol. Please, what program can accompany him in addition to going to see a doctor?”

Indeed, as adults, we are constantly enduring pressure from work, relationships, and living. If you are also suffering from emotional problems like Chris’s friend, please remember that MicroGen is always here to support you. Not only can it rebalance energy that is causing health problems, but to boost your mind and spirit magically.

an enquiry from a HeaWea MicroGen user

People sometimes indulge in alcohol to relax or escape when dealing with difficulties or struggles. It is ok to drink to release stress and negative emotions, but alcoholism will destroy your body and mind, and it is never a long-term solution. Depression or bipolar disorder may come after alcoholism as well. Therefore, we need a better and more effective approach.

First of all, Chris’s friend is lucky to have him. A caring friend can be very beneficial in dealing with emotional trauma. People with emotional problems need more accompany than usual. Positive relationships, a healthy lifestyle, and having a loving companion will make these problems less arduous. Yet you are unlikely to stay with your friend 24/7. What can you do when you are not at their side?

MicroGen for Emotional Problems

Energy balance

When you have emotional problems, we say you are low in energy or vibes, which is not just a way of description. Indeed, when you do not have enough body energy, the likelihood of experiencing emotional hardships increases. Luckily, with MicroGen, you can restore the energy balance whenever you want. For example, you can choose the programs listed in the figure or make your own list, load and run MicroGen in high power mode. The TENS pads should be placed on the shoulders.

recommended programs for energy balance in the HeaWea MicroGen software

Stimulate the Meridians

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, emotional problems are caused by qi stagnation in meridians. For example, qi stagnation in the pericardium meridian and the heart meridian leads to depression, and in the lung meridian, it can result in grief. You can search “meridian” in the HeaWea software to find meridian programs and choose accordingly.

MicroGen will generate precise frequencies to stimulate the meridian and smooth the qi flow in them. Click the above links to learn more about each meridian and where to place the TENS pads.

meridian programs in the HeaWea MicroGen software

Address the Mental Condition Directly

You can also use MicroGen to help with the mental conditions if you have symptoms or are diagnosed with one. Search the disease in the MicroGen software, such as “alcohol,” “depression,” or “bipolar,” and you will find programs for the specific mental disorder, as shown in the figure. You can start with the programs with the asterisk (*), which are recommended as they have shown more positive results. Again, the TENS pads should be placed on the shoulders if you wish to run high power mode.

programs for mental disorders in the HeaWea MicroGen software

Listen to Healing Frequencies

Listening to audio frequencies can heal you as well. We have some healing music that can help people increase energy and regain mental stability. You can find the music in this blog. Play it for yourself or your loved ones, and you will feel the peace and energy within it.

Emotions will impact your behavior and health. As many scientists have found, mental health is as important as physical health. When you or your loved ones are in emotional struggles, use MicroGen to restore balance and stability. Remember, “Behind the clouds is the sun still shining.”

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